What To Expect In iOS 8.1Update?

iOS8.1In world wide developers conference(wwdc) 2014 the cuppertino based company Apple  introduced iOS 8  and iPhone 6 in terms developers and users perspective. Now the  iOS 8 comes along with major revolutionary changes for iOS app developers and mobile app industry. Apple also claims that iOS8 enable users to use devices in simple, faster and more intuitive ways. In iOS 8 update, health-kit and home kit are two major features which collect data and statics from connected devices. But It has been noticed that Apple rollout iOS8 isn’t going good.

After facing a bug report in health kit apps center  and many other issues it seems that adaptation of Apple latest mobile operating system has slowed down. According to me it may be increased when the new update of iOS 8 available in the market. Now the rumors spread over the mobile app development market, Apple going to introduce iOS8.1 and likely planned in Oct 16 event. According to the reports it is the hint of the forthcoming iOS 8 improvements. Here in this article we are going to discuss about some features which are expected to improved in iOS 8.1 roll out.

Better performance

According to the rumor’s iOS 8.1 is a successor of iOS 8 and comes along with better performance . Mainly this update will focus on variety of bugs that have plagued users of version 8.0. The mostly  notable, new version of iOS8 includes a fix of bugs that was keeping in health kit apps which is good for iOS8 app developers. Further more this update also going to improve variety issues such as accessing photo from photo library, a bug involving third part keyboards, an issue that cause unexpected data usage, an issue ringtone not being stored in i cloud and many more. Report say’s that hopefully iOS 8.1 expected to come along with many improved  functions and performance. It should help to take care any outstanding bugs and lag issues with the device performance.

Improved SMS handoff feature

“Continuity” is one of the most important feature of Apple iOS8 which enables you to take call and i Messages from your phone to another Apple devices, be it iPhone or MAC PC. For example if users have the same Apple ID and associated phone number enable on iPad calls will show on the tablet once when the iPhone begins ringing. But currently SMS message cannot passed along.  According to the Apple website SMS hand off  function coming in October.It will finally coincide with the final version of OS X Yosemite, Apple next desktop operating system announced earlier this summer and expected to launch this month.

Apple payments

Apple payments seems to be spreading of its wings further via iOS 8.1. Apple mobile payments was introduced in the last month but it expect to comes in October. The code in iOS 8.1 makes multiple references to Apple pay,which enable iPhone users to easily pay for goods online and physical store through iPhone touch ID finger print users. Now the new iPad will also likely to fitted with touch ID sensors, perhaps Apple will enable those devices to handle the other end of Apple pay accepting payments.


How iPhone apps are the smart gift for e-commerce business development?

ecommerce development1

E-commerce or electronic business is the propelled form of working together through the medium of web to focus on targeted audience on a wide scale. Apple distinguished e-commerce trend and made the iPhone to energize further browsing through mobile phones.

When mobile e-commerce came in light, many organizations decided to work together through investment in mobile e-commerce applications. In terms of mobile app development, iPhone is presently a brand in smartphone market and each online business association can’t disregard this.

Apple iPhone has proved to be an effective tool and it is regularly used by people who dive within the world of online business. Apart from mobile features that already come with it, people now have the chance to searching out different custom iPhone application development environment which enables people to come up with applications and further enhance the mobile experience and utility.

It is a true fact that any mobile platform’s success depends upon the support they get from distinctive application development marketers. This is really accurate in favor of Apple’s iOS. Apple’s new innovations are regularly use by thousands of customers for shopping and another web related activities therefore it is necessary for every organization to offer iPhone and iPad apps to their customers with additional features and services that can beat the existing app. It can help save your customer’s time which they will surely esteem from your company.

The purpose behind the iPhone app development:

  • The plethora of prominent fields for iPhone application comprises of human services, protection, diversion, sector & likewise applications for security, accommodation, health and numerous more.
  • Pew Research Center’s most recent study suggests that greatest number of American’s use online video sharing sites and their links via e-mail. This is one of the famous reasons why iPhone application developers are in demand. Other than US & Canada, Europe and Australia are other major geographic territories where the smartphone and tablet blast is on a huge climb.

No doubt, every business requires online presence with E-commerce solutions that come with well-developed and standard oriented custom. With the offer of iPhones and iPads, the applications are likewise getting popular day by day. Developers are interested in making the applications for iPhones and iPad because more complex and progressed applications can be made plus it has better user experience. iPhone app development is best suited for e-commerce development because it enrolls higher business deals and does well in the nearing monetary year owing to the popularity of applications.

8 Common Myths to Avoid While Start Testing


Mobile App Testing is the process of finding bugs and provide reliable feedback on them. It is used to reduce the inconsistency in the results, mount up the testing process, increase test coverage and brings the quality of the software or application being tested.

Professional testers and Beta testers not only help in identifying bugs, but also gauge application performance before the big release. On the other side, automated software testers helps in quickly performing regression testing, which speedily determine the stability and usability of the underlying code.

If testing is so good, why there are so many myths around mobile app/software testing? Of course you don’t know.

Do you know! Even some business owners do not consider post-development testing for their apps because of their strong conviction that testing is totally a low-tech activity with wasting of time, money and resource?  No one knows that because such apps have never appeared on high positions of the app stores.

Poor or non-existent mobile QA strategies and tools have led too many myths taking strong roots in organizations. Here is the truth about most common myths.

Myth #1. Physical testing is not available.


You may hear that there is no physical way to test mobile applications. Though, “it is difficult” and “it is not available” are different. With the array of network conditions, many companies’ offers professional tools to test mobile apps. You can communicate with such type of companies directly.

Myth #2: Testing requires all kinds of devices and OS.


There are many combinations of mobile devices, operating systems, technology and platforms, but it is necessary to examine the needs of your organization. It is not necessary that all employees of your organization may be using mobile at the same time and as part of their work needs, therefore, streamlining and concentrating on a single mobility platform may be the right approach. This can reduce the chance of failed application, poor feedback and lost customers.

Myth #3: Mobile traffic has no impact on back-end system.


This is not exactly true. You must test your app’s performance during moderate or high traffic because it can bring down your system and make your application unpredictable.

Myth #4: No need of testers, development team is able to test full app.


“My developers can test full app, so why I need testers?” it is common myth, but always remember that developers are typically responsible for unit and functional testing; integration to the enterprise will still fall on the shoulders of QA teams.  Integration, security, regression, and usability testing are all mechanisms of a mobile QA strategy and hence will require additional knowledge that comes from the existing QA teams.

Myth #5. Post-production testing is meaningless.


It is not true. Post-production testing ensures the usability of your application if it is done in peak hours, it might be affected if it is done in non-peak hours, and you may not get the real picture.

Myth #6. No difference between performance and functionality.


Performance and functionality is not the same thing. You must test performance even if you have successfully tested application’s functionality. The answer is pretty straightforward – your feature-rich application is useless if it cannot work quickly and smoothly with all those app features.

Myth #7. Testing is time taking and in-effective for high ROI.


Testing can be time-consuming, may give low ROI, but it is surely less costly than the cost of having a failed application. If you are regularly keeping track of testing system during the development of applications, not only reduce the time taken for mobile app testing, but also the costs associated with it.

Myth #8. Paying high to automation testers is worthless.


Because every customer wants to save money, so why should we pay so high for automation testers? It is a most common myth that is not true, automation testing is necessary to optimize certain processes which needs to be automate because to grow and earn more you should work either more or better than others.

In conclusion

Mobile application testing is an important aspect if you want a successful mobile app. There may be more myths to discuss and, many more truths to uncover, but this is a growing landscape with a lot to learn.  Do not fall prey to the myths of mobile application testing. Get your apps tested in early development phase. Make sure your app performs quickly, functions smoothly and works under all conditions.


Why Cross-Platform Gaming is a Hidden Key of Microsoft’s?


The concept of “write once, run anywhere” has long been aim of developers. With the supportability of number of applications across multiple platforms and devices, without having to rewrite and maintain it, is like a pipe dream for the developer’s community.

But today, that dream to build an app platform independent came a lot closer to reality, with the Microsoft’s Windows Platform. Microsoft has now targeted for its recent and critical new development called “universal windows apps,” which uses the Windows Runtime to build apps that will run on Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and even Xbox One.

Microsoft with its new project aiming for the “Four Screens” goal, Your PC, Your tablet, Your phone and Your TV, to release some titles in the future to take advantage of cross-platform support. Now Microsoft consistently offering gaming experience across Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, and Xbox —four platforms that are uniquely glued together by Microsoft Accounts, by extension, the personal profiles and credit card numbers locked within.


So why isn’t Microsoft building a bigger deal about cross-platform play? Xbox consoles and Windows PCs are already powerful gaming platforms, so using these assets to promote the greater Windows ecosystem would help sell a lot of smartphones and tablets, right?

In theory, yes. It makes perfect sense with Windows Phone, Windows PC (and tablets) and Xbox. That’s a massive family of potential with Xbox powering the video game console industry, Windows boosting the desktop environment and Windows Phone supporting Xbox Live connectivity. But only if Microsoft is to rule the gaming environment, it will need a big support from the architects of the gaming universe: developers.

This is just the start

To help developers to create games for Windows 8, Microsoft pooled out shiny new software development tools at the 2012 Game Developers Conference. Xbox live product marketing manager Peter says, Microsoft has had great success convincing developers to develop games for Windows 8 with the new Xbox Live SDK, but that’s not surprising, this is just the starting.

 Significant challenges lay ahead

It’s a tough design challenge to develop a cross-platform game. While it looks like there’s definitely demand for it, as a developer you really have to solve a lot of problems at once, for example, you can start a game on your Xbox 360, playing against someone on a PC, then three hours later, both you and your competitor can switch to playing on a Surface RT and Windows Phone.

Bottom line

Microsoft needs to step up to the path they follow for cross-platform gaming across the new Windows ecosystem. It’s already got the desktop, tablet, and phone components in place, and a new Xbox console is waiting in the wings.

In a perfect world, Microsoft needs a big, showy, game-changing title, with all the star power that Zelda and Mario delivered for Nintendo in the ’80s. But even something simple and elegant that would work as wonders among the people to care about Microsoft’s unique four-screen proposition.


How to make magnetic mobile app for huge customer engagement?

engage“Customer Engagement” is an active and dynamic part of being ready to go in business. This term simultaneously rising with the social technologies to form meaningful, constant relationships that involve frequent online interactions in the way businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. However, every company wants their app to become well liked and heavily downloaded on app store, but most of them ignore the required features to add in an app that results to failure of the app.

In order to ensure that app users become customers and are consistently engaged, are by impressing them from the beginning, don’t let them to forget about your service and by allowing unique value through offers and content. All of these components can help your company to build long-term relationships between your app and its users.

As a business, it is essential to maintain an engaging mobile presence.

Customers use mobile phones to get immediate access to information these days. So, no doubt that your customers want to be able to interact with you and to obtain goods and services from your company via their mobile device.

A mobile app makes your business to be available at all times, nights, weekends and holidays, and allows you to offer customers on-the-go access, rewards programs, recruitment opportunities and more.

Engaging your customers has never been easier than with a mobile app. Practically, the app  promotes your business for you.

Attracting the Targeted Users

right user

The first step towards engaging users who download your app is getting the right people to download your app in the first place. But before start to market your app, conduct app market research to understand your industry, which marketing channels are effective and the competitive landscape. For this, Facebook ads are a powerful way of increasing mobile apps downloads by reaching a large audience of the right people. It allows you to promote your app directly in the News Feed on desktop and mobile devices with in-depth targeting.

User Friendly Design

user friendly

One of the main reasons a user will continually use your app after the first download is because the app is beautifully designed and easy to use, even for new customers. To confirm your app gives a user-friendly experience, general testing of your app must be done before it is released into the app marketplace.

No app is completely finished, since they need constant iteration to match the changing needs of your users, fresh design updates and fix ongoing bugs and errors. To check your app competency, use a mobile phone simulator and app testing platforms like DeviceAnywhere or UserTesting.

Un-permissive Push Notifications


Push notifications are one way of keeping your app users engaged and aware of opportunities to make a purchase with your app. These are an effective means of encouraging loyalty overtime, but it’s really important to not overuse this tool or it’ll irritate app users and have the opposite effect you intended.

For instance, an app like  Circa is a mobile news app that sends notifications to users when there’s breaking news or stories of interest to a reader. It focuses their push notification strategy around a person’s use of their app in their everyday life.

Cross-platform Interaction


Your app should have measure the different levels of interaction across platforms like mobile, tablet and desktop, or apps and web. Tracking the cross-platform profile of a user’s total engagement helps truly identify the most valuable and engaged users. It also helps the news organization to understand users distinct behaviors based on platforms, and devices.

No matter what type of business you run, an app can propel you forward. The longer a person is engaged with your app, the more likely they’ll become a customer. You’re more likely to be able to meet their needs, but you also win their trust, and ultimately, you build the loyal customer base you need to grow and succeed.


How technology addiction makes your life dependent?

technology makes you

Can you imagine a single day without any gadget like your smartphone, TV or music system? Probably the answer is no! Because we all are surrounded by gadgets that demand our attention constantly with fragmenting our ability to recall our to-do list, communicate with others, find where you need to go, and keep up with boredom.

On the other hand, our life is now simpler, cheaper, efficient and faster thanks to the rise of web and mobile apps with whole day connectivity. Unsurprisingly, with the minimal individual storage of information, all the knowledge of the world being now outsourced, crowdsourced, and cloudsourced.  Today’s humans are mostly preferred smartphones and tablets to solve those problems that they can easily handle or solve with their own ability.

The study had shown, many Australians are as addicted to their mobiles as others are to nicotine, booze or drugs. Disadvantage of their handsets, 20% of phone junkies suffer increased heart rate and anxiety levels.  It also linked excessive phone use or “nomophobia” to failed relationships, falling literacy levels and emotional stress.

Living with technology doesn’t mean we have to live with an addiction, however. This is just a step. It’s actual, it’s happening and it’s scattering like a virus. That got us thinking, how exactly is technology messing up our brains?

You can’t memorize much…


Dependencies over technology make it more difficult to memorize something and, any break in between working memory results in- erase information from your mind for example, looking at your cell phone in the middle of reading an article results you will take more time to understand that article.

People also relying on the internet to remember things like narrating entire novels, words, location, numbers and sometime even name of their relatives also. This makes you dependent, when you know that Google or your smartphone can remember the information for you, you are less likely to store it in memory.

You can’t focus on what you’re reading.


You won’t absorb information you read online because due to hypertext, some colorful little links which are scattered throughout online articles make your brain work harder to process what you are reading.


You are dependent on GPS for finding a way.


Growing dependency on sat-nav and GPS direction device is creating a “Hansel and Gretel generation” of people with little sense of direction, a neuroscientist has warned. It results in lacking in your sense of direction and more intuitive understanding of your city.

Now I think you’re properly aware of the dependencies effects of technology, let us remind you that you do have the power to prevent brain drain and time-suck. Just log off every once in a while!



3 Important Reasons to pick Windows for your Startup

Over the past two years, due to the crowd in the field of mobile OS market, people are often asked, “Why to choose Windows Platforms for startup?”, even better options are available in the market.

Microsoft answered this question by its latest innovation called Windows Phone 8.1 which has made an appearance on all Windows devices within 30 days. As a result, Microsoft believes the Windows Phone is the world’s most personal smartphone and they’re on a mission to prove how strong the Windows platform can be in the mobile market.

Here are the main reasons to choose Windows as a building block for your business or individual startups:

(1) Shared Windows Core

shared windows core

In Windows Phone 7, the heart of the OS is based on Windows CE. And though this was great for low-power, low cost phones that led Windows Phone 7.  But the latest, Windows Phone 8 will come with a Shared Core – common core between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

For consumers, this Shared Core means much greater choice in Hardware i.e. wider range of Phones with high capabilities and price points. Also an amazing Apps experience with in Windows Phone 8.

From the developer’s point of view, those who are working on Shared common core in Windows 8, will have a very easy transition to Windows Phone 8, and similarly developers who have done their apps development on Windows Phone 8 already can port their apps easily to Windows 8.

(2) Functional integration for Cloud and Mobile Apps.

Functional integration for Cloud and Mobile Apps.

Windows 8 was impressive at syncing with mobile Windows Phone devices and the company’s cloud-based office software package Office 365. Basically anything developed on one device is synced to another in real time.

Windows 8 achieves this without using an entirely cloud-based architecture such as Google Apps. For example, if an internet connection goes down, you can still get work done with Windows 8. This can be mainly useful for profoundly mobile businesses working on smartphones or tablets.

(3) BitLocker technology for Encryption and Secure Boot.

BitLocker technology for Encryption and Secure Boot.

This feature covers those IT firms who were not happy with what Windows Phone has had to offer for their enterprise or business. Windows Phone 8 covers those concerns and is ready for Business! Windows Phone 8 Support Encryption and Secure Boot. For this Microsoft’s familiar and verified BitLocker Technology will be encrypting the contents of the device. So the data will be very safe and sound on a Windows Phone 8.It also will allow IT firms to sign & deploy apps in their own way without going to Microsoft’s marketplace.

Apart from these here are some more reasons to choose WP8:

  • Windows Phone 8 will be first available on 4 Hardware OEMs – Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC. All of these devices will be built on Next Generation Silicon from Qualcomm.
  • Improved multitasking, talk with your apps – Speech enabled apps.
  • Windows Phone 8 will be available all over the World. 50 languages (including Hindi ), Apps available in 180+ countries.
  • And for updates one doesn’t have to connect your USB cable, Updates will be handed Over the Air!!
  • Microsoft supports every device for at least 18 months from the date of launch of that device.

So..will you act like a Leader

A saying you’ll hear a lot at Microsoft is “Take the high road.” It means act like a leader. Don’t sock the competition. Avoid being smug. Stay humble. You can still get your message across, even the competition will respect you more if you take the high road.

Posted By: Pooja Runija

Why Google Say Sorry for its Wearable Devices?

wearables1Google’s wearable technology or say Android wear, have been capturing technology market headlines lately; but before we all get too excited about these devices, in some cases, not necessarily for all the right reasons, as concerns regarding personal and public privacy have undoubtedly been raised.

On the other hand, Google has gotten a lot right in his first release of Android Wear, but not everything with the same way it works. Wearable technology is sure to disrupt the technology market in a new way.  It is creating new headaches for employers, who proved it as a solid lowest common denominator.

After a solid week using it, here are some mixed reaction over Google wearable devices:

The Google Glass

Google Glass is potentially useful for health care and business firms. It is controlled by voice commands or by using the track pad on the right arm of the glasses. It will undoubtedly change how people use information, share data on the Internet, and interact with the world.

But Google Glasses are suffering from most of the problems like people who wear regular glasses won’t be able to use Google Glass just yet, Google glasses can records all of your activity or taking photos of you without you even knows of these action, the cost of the glasses are high, the track pad and lack of social interactions are some of the major issues. So, before you all get too geeked on Google Glass; remember that we don’t actually know the truth about it yet.

Smart Watches

Google released a software development kit (SDK) for Android Wear, introduced as Operating System designed for smart watches. These are connected to Samsung phones and users can receive notifications as well as make and receive calls from the smart phone. There is also a inbuilt heart rate sensor and several health cure features.

Don’t get happy if you are an app entrepreneur or developer too. There are too many hurdles to overcome right now, as this is the initial stage. Until now, no two wearable devices ran the same software, which meant apps and services for one smart watch wouldn’t run on another.

So, how will the Android smart watches handle fragmentation issues? Just think, all smart watches are going to be in different sizes and might differ hugely in matters of size. Also, what about lag time? After all, who wants lag time in their watches! Will you be experiencing the trend in smart watches as well? Will you be able to call with our smart watches as well or is the Operating System designed specifically for other purposes?

What’s New?

Today, Google has launched the Google Glassware marketplace. Developers can design apps for both the Google Marketplace or for Pebble. With wearable software developing by the day, we can expect that enterprises will soon be looking to make more wearable apps.

Balancing the Good with the Bad

Wearable technology is neither all good nor all bad. There is a balance that needs to be struck to get the benefits of the tech. If you are using these types of devices, then know the risks. Understand the cost of your system being hacked and have a emergency plan. Do not place all of your faith in a single technology. When you see someone using wearable technology, remember that they can use it for unsavory purposes. If a person can see it with the naked eye then he can record it with a digital device.

Hope is Alive…

Since the study was conducted, Google has improved the battery life and other features in Version 2.0 of Glass and in the upcoming versions of smart watches too. The tech experts are also encouraging people to use the device specifically in workplaces such as doctor’s offices, individual business etc.

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What are the Myths about PhoneGap Hybrid Framework?

truthPhoneGap is an open source development framework for building fast and easy mobile apps using the web technologies like: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It is a relatively new concept to many IT organizations; therefore the time when project teams are making decisions of whether or not to adopt mobile strategy revolving around PhoneGap, lots of unanswered questions and misunderstandings arises about PhoneGap and Apache Cordova. It is beneficial to examine any technology to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, because investing on any technology is a big decision.

Some myths/misconception about PhoneGap…

Myth # 1:

Adobe isn’t interested in investing in PhoneGap because it was contributed to the Apache Software Foundation


Adobe is committed to the development and success of PhoneGap/Cordova. Contribution of PhoneGap to the Apache Software Foundation was to provide a larger support base for the project.

It is also important to understand that Adobe is not the only company invested in the success of PhoneGap/Cordova.  Below is a brief list of some large-scale enterprises that have invested in PhoneGap/Cordova:

Facebook and SalesForce.com uses Apache Cordova in their mobile development SDK.

 IBM’s Worklight platform is built on top of PhoneGap/Cordova.

Microsoft has many committers to Cordova project, and is involved in development of PhoneGap/Cordova for windows devices.

SAP has partnered with Adobe to influence PhoneGap for the mobile development solutions.

Myth #2:

Any Web Developer can develop Phonegap Mobile Applications.


Well, Yes and No. PhoneGap hybrid framework is more than just creating Web Pages. It requires the developer have skills and hands-on experience using the technologies and frameworks.

Myth #3:

Testing the Phonegap application on a simulator will give you results close to testing on actual devices.


Simulator based testing is not a good practice, especially when testing with Hybrid Applications. If you have no other option, use Native simulators like XCode or Android plugin for Eclipse. I recommend testing on actual devices during the development as well as testing.

Myth #4:

Building and Packaging cross-platform applications for multiple devices take longer and painful.


It certainly takes longer if you are not familiar with cloud based build tools like PhoneGap Build. These tools are very handy and saves hours of time in building and package for reach supported platform.

Myth #5:

Debugging Hybrid Mobile applications is difficult.


It is complex when compared with desktop development where developers have access to beautiful browser based tools like FireBug. The best way to debug an app remotely using something like jsconsole to log and debug issues.

Myth # 6:

Maps integration is a most common PhoneGap application feature and it’s easy to implement.


When developing Enterprise Mobile applications, always remember the large number of the target users based platform (ex. Blackberry) which does not have Google Maps installed by default.

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Why don’t you use Google for …..?

Google is one of the leading technology companies in the world dominating search engine and Smartphone market over the years. Today billions of the internet users using it as an essential part of their life. Google has launched many products and services in the past decade, some of them are very popular among the users like Google search engine, Gmail, Picasa, Google analytics and Google Webmasters Tools. Google’s Android has also captured the whole world’s Smartphone market in a very short time period. Here in this article we are going to mention some of the less famous Google tactics and services.


Like any other products, Google calculator is a less famous tool offered by Google for simple as well as for complicated calculation. Google’s calculator is good enough to solve logarithmic calculation, it knows the values of Pi and can efficiently answer the functions like Sin and Cos.Google calculator

Google site search

Google site search is a unique feature but only few people know about this. Google site search is a function that displays Google search results for any specific website. Suppose a user want to see only Mobile pundits results than he can easily type “site:mobilepundits.com” in Google. The result will show all indexed pages of the http://mobilepundits.com website including all pages, Blog posts, Articles and other type of documents.SiteSearch


Unit conversion is a very basic thing where most of the people need help. If Google is here than nothing to worry because it offers unit convertor for all units like distance, measurement, speed etc. There is a very simple process to convert one unit in to another. <Amount> <unit1> in <unit2>. For example 20 km in miles will show you the result like…


Time Zone

As we all know that world is divided in to many time zones and global time is decided by GMT. With the help of Google we can easily know the time of any place in the world. Simply type “Time in (Desired place)” and Google will show you the result of your query.



Google also helps us to translate the foreign languages and words in to your convenient language. There are n numbers of languages in the world and we can easily translate the foreign languages or words in to any other language by simply type “Translate Word to Language”.


Specific file type search

Google results consist of much type of items including videos, PDFs, Doc, Websites, Blogs and presentations. In this why searching any specific type of results for any search query can be complicated. No of course not because by typing “Search term Filetype:PDF” can solve your problem easily. We can search any type of document like videos, images or anything.

specific search

Exclude search terms

As we have discussed that Google search algorithm is very complicated and that is why most of the times their results meet to our requirements. Google has a strong data base for any of the search query and in this case excluding a search term from the search results can be a tough job. Google allows us to customize search queries as we want for example if we are looking for Apple Inc and don’t want to see associated results like iPhone we can instruct Google by this query “Apple-iPhone”. This “-” sign will exclude all the results related to the term iPhone and will show only results related to Apple Inc.

Weather Forecast

Like all the above mentioned functions Forecasting is also a great service provided by Google. It is very easy to know the weather report on Google, Simply type the name of the City and type Forecast. This query will provide a quick weather report for that day with many points including temperature, Humidity and Wind.

google forecast

Related Search

Google gives us a facility to search content related to a specified website or blog. This query will give lots of similar contented websites and blogs list. To do this we can easily type “Related: our website or blog address”. For example if I need to find out Mobilepundits related content on the internet than I will type “Related:mobilepundits.com”.

related search

Google Dictionary

Google is an intelligent search engine and most of the time it gives very relevant results to the users search query. “Define: term” by simply typing this we can get any of the world’s definition easily. For example if we want to know the term “search engine” than type “define: search engine”.